School contests

School contests

"...In conveying to you the appreciation of the Head of State for the passion and the professionalism with which you spread, above all among the youth, the culture of "good news", I take this opportunity of associating my personal greetings."

(From the letter of the Adviser for Press and Information of President Giorgio Napolitano to Good News Agency's Director of 10-12-2007.)

“Thank you for your activities meant to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals through the organization of school contests in several Italian regions and cities. The interaction with the national civil society on UN themes is crucial to getting key messages across to the large public. These activities are a positive example of such interaction and the potential it has to sensitize the new generations to the values and principles of the United Nations. Thanks again, Best regards, Fabio Graziosi.”

(Letter of the Director of UNRIC-Italy in Bruxelles to Good News Agency’s Director, 6 May 2016)


The campaign “Let us take Good News Agency to the schools!”, supported by many Rotary Clubs, originated this specific educational activity to stimulate and involve the students. Over 150 high schools, 600 classes, 10 000 students took part in the 17 contests run so far.

School contests run by some Rotary Clubs or Districts, NGO or nonprofits, in synergy with Good News Agency, on the Millennium Development Goal or related themes: the awarded works are in Italian and are available in the Italian contests page.

School year Rotary Club or District Theme of the contest
2016-2017 District 2032
Ligury, South and East South Piedmont
Sustainability: an engagement for each of us, that can not be postponed any longer
  District 2110
Sicily and Malta
End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
2015-2016 District 2032
Ligury, South Piedmont
I am Italy: I want to participate to the common activities well prepared and informed
  District 2080
Rome, Latium, Sardinia
Choice between two themes:
- promote gender equality and empower women
- ensure environmental sustainability
  District 2110
Achieve universal primary education
2014-2015 R. C. Palermo Monreale Ensure environmental sustainability
  Rotary District 2080
(Rome, Lazio, Sardenia)
Ensure environmental sustainability
  Rotary District 2032
(Liguria and Piedmond South)
All 10 R. C. of Genoa
Reception as an opportunity for institutions and civil society to contribute to the making of a global partnership for development. (The theme is in tuning with the 8th Millennium Development Goal: Develop a global partnership for development.)
2013-2014 Rotary District 2032
(Liguria and Piedmont South)
Ensure environmental sustainability
2012-2013 R. C. Roma Eur Environmental sustainability
The process of globalization
Effects of communication technologies
  R. C. Genova
R. C. Genova Est
R. C. Genova Ovest
R. C. Genova Sud Ovest
R. C. Genova Nord Ovest
R. C. Genova Centro Storico
2 Millennium Development Goal:
- eradicate extreme poverty & hunger
- achieve universal primary education
to be dealt with in the general theme context
"Peace through service"
  R. C. Monza Est
Club Unesco Monza
Rete dei Licei di Monza
Human rights and duties to be learnt and practised
2011-2012 R.C. Genova Golfo Paradiso 7th Millennium Development Goal:
Ensure environmental sustainability
  R.C. Roma Eur 7th Millennium Development Goal:
Ensure environmental sustainability
  R.C. Costa Gaia (Palermo) 4th Millennium Development Goal:
Reduce child mortality
  R.C. San Vito al Tagliamento (PD) To live in the future, let us build the present
2010-2011 R.C. Torino Crocetta The Millennium Development Goals
  R.C. Roma Eur 4th Millennium Development Goal:
Reduce child mortality
  R.C. Roma Campidoglio 4th Millennium Development Goal:
Reduce child mortality
2009-2010 R.C. Torino Crocetta Human Rights are to be learnt and practised
  R.C. Cagliari Water, basic life tesource, source of inspiration for artists, philosophers, writers and poets, is a natural right of humanity
2008-2009 R.C. Cagliari Human Rights in education and public health