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Carried out in 2014

Values, values, and again values: the growing need for this ethical dimension is realized. To feed public opinion with a kind of positive information highlighting the translation of values into an ethical behaviour made up of solidarity, responsibility and sharing, we have published 33 issues (11 in Italian, 11 in English and 11 in Portuguese) of Good New Agency. This monthly digital newsletter, launched in June 2000, is distributed free of charge in 54 countries to 10 000 television, radio and newspaper editorial journalists. We also send this digital newsletter free to 3 000 non-governmental organizations, to volunteer organizations, and to 1 400 schools, colleges and universities. (As well as to 27 000 Rotarians around the world.) The distribution is multiplied by the fact that that many NGOs distribute this newsletter in their turn to their subscribers, or they include it in their own website or include a link from their website to ours. Today, we estimate that the global distribution is well over 250 000 copies and growing, given the spontaneous distribution which has been generated and our constant effort to expand our mailing lists. The concept of good news, which is spreading in consciousness, is beginning to attract the attention of the institutions and the media.

The campaign "Let's Take Good News Agency to the Schools" is twelve years old in Italy and has received a strong endorsement from many Rotary Clubs, which appreciate our initiative very much and which, to date, have introduced the newsletter personally to over 450 high schools, involving faculty and students, who appreciate the constructive evidence that this newsletter regularly makes available and use it as a subject for discussion and research.

By virtue of this multiplying effect that takes place in the classroom, it is thus possible to profit fully from the very great potential of this digital publication for promoting a more knowledgeable public opinion.

The Italian Rotary national magazine continued monthly and throughout the year to support effectively our school campaign.

In synergy with some Italian Rotary Clubs, in 2014 we concluded three school contests in three cities: Rome, Genoa, Palermo.

The seventeen school contests run so far involved over 120 high schools, 600 classes and 10 students on the themes of the Millennium Development Goals. The 17 school contests run so far took place in 7 cities in 6 regions of Italy.

The research, selection and editing of news is conducted by a group of four assistant editors, two of which are journalists. For the translation of news from English to Italian we have counted on the constant collaboration of eight translators (graduates in foreign language and literature studies or graduates from the Higher School for Interpreters and Translators) and two senior collaborators. The translation from English to Portuguese was done by the Brazilian language institute CCLI. All this collaborative work is done on a voluntary basis.

Some of the issues of this e-newsletter included some editorials and writings on particularly important themes: migration, nutrition, environment.

The activity in support of the Ethical Code of the Media, launched by our organization in 2001 and distributed throughout the world in nine languages, has continued. Its objective is to emphasize the fact that, today, the media can no longer ignore the positive and constructive happenings in that part of humanity, estimated at between 25 and 30% of the developed world, whose social behaviour is in harmony with the values of a development based on sharing and responsibility. The media can also no longer procrastinate in their responsibility to give voice to world events that show humanity's response to the major problems of our time. The aim is to allow public opinion to be formed on the basis of a range of information that corresponds to all aspects of the reality in which we live. The Ethical Code of the Media has so far been endorsed by over 140 signatories, distinguished personalities, NGOs and groups of volunteers from all over the world.

Global Village Series – At year end 2007, at the closing of its activity after thirty years of service, the non profit Editrice Nuova Era (New Era Publisher) donated the remaining stock of 3 700 books of this series to our Association, which is distributing them free in the Italian high schools as part of the campaign "Let's Take Good News Agency into the Schools!" and the connected school contests run in synergy with Rotary Clubs. Also, these books are included in our website so that they can be downloaded free of charge.

These activities are all carried out on a voluntary basis and are offered to the public free of charge. Expenses are supported by the work and financial contributions of members and sympathizers. Any contribution is welcome and much appreciated.